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Welcome! This book is designed for both the novice and the experienced Home Inspector to assist in making the process of doing your job easier. The practical information, guides and checklists included -- drawn from over fifteen years of homebuilding experience -- will enable you to conduct your inspection without concern of forgetting any details that need to be verified.

This Home Inspection Service program will provide you with Inspection Checklists you need to do a thorough job of inspecting homes at Any Stage of Construction!

Yes !  Inspect homes at "Any Stage of Construction."  If a Client wants you to do a Rough Frame Inspection or Final Frame Inspection or Drywall Inspection,  you can do it because You Will Have the checklist to do it !

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This is not a cheap, "how to" guide. Over 150 pages long, this manual is the key to Your Success!

This +150 page document, written in editable Microsoft WORD, costs only $49.95!
And Don't Forget: the purchase price of this manual could be a Tax Deductable Expense if you use it in your business! See your tax advisor.

We can EMAIL you this loaded inspection manual today!

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You'll be provided with:

This Home Inspection Service Program describes in detail what each job is and includes a complete Inspection Check List for the below:

Building Stake Out Interior Flatwork Drywall Mirrors
Excavation Framing Masonry Appliances
Caisson Drilling Siding Painting Plumbing Trim
Footer Heat Rough-In Interior Trim Heating Trim
Foundation Wall Plumbing Rough-In Cabinet and Counter Top Electrical Trim
Water Proofing Electrical Rough-In Hardware Exterior Flatwork
Perimeter Drain Roofing Ceramic Final Grade
Sewer and Water Gutters & Downspouts Vinyl Flooring Landscaping
Backfill Garage Doors Hardwood Flooring Fencing
Underground Plumbing Insulation Carpet Final Clean

In addition, you'll receive a 288 Item City Ordinance ROUGH FRAME Inspection Checklist

(to be performed before insulating) &  a 69 Item Final Inspection Checklist

When the home is complete, and before the buyer "Closes", they should do a Final Walk Through.

You'll be provided with a 12 page Final Walk Through checklist (over 700 line items)  that will keep you focused on conducting a very thorough, precise job that will ensure your clients get the Quality they deserve!

This manual is written in Microsoft WORD and is completely editable.  I wrote this manual, based on my experience working in Denver, Colorado.  But you may need to edit the checklists to include "local stuff".  

Well, you can!  and you SHOULD!

This is, after all, just a template. And is only as good and thorough as you make and use it.

Things change....  You will need to adjust and edit these checklists to accommodate any changes that will occur.

But at least this manual lays a great foundation  for you to start to start with !

"Not Available in Bookstores or Libraries- We have Eliminated ALL Middlemen in Order to Keep the Price Low and Affordable!"

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Please Note: You should check your  State and Local Regulations to determine what you should do in order to be "qualified" to inspect homes before you purchase this or ANY home inspection package!  You may need a permit, license, insurance, bonds, endorsed credentials, professional certifications and/or degrees and years of actual experience BEFORE you show up and start "inspecting".  

Be advised that the Home Inspection process detailed herein is but one part of the inspection process required in readying a home for occupancy. Depending upon the locality where the home is being built, there could be a variety of other inspections required in order to meet legal requirements. Many of these other inspections must be conducted by local, county or state employees.

Additionally, in order to work as a Home Inspector, you are responsible for verifying with the jurisdiction in which you wish to work as to what licenses you must hold and/or what qualifications you must meet. These licenses/qualifications/requirements will vary depending upon your location [local, county and/or state].

This package DOES NOT INCLUDE checklists that a licensed/trained/professional expert would use to conduct mechanical inspections on homes.  You may need more detailed, technical checklists and documents as well as testing equipment, ladders, Personal Protective Equipment, air sampling devices, video recording equipment, AND OTHER DEVICES to conduct Electrical, Plumbing,  HVAC or other inspections in a professional and thorough and competent manner.

You are advised to seek legal counsel before purchasing this product or other products and before conducting inspections.  

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