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Home Buyer's Inspection Manual

Buying Your Home From A Home Builder?

Do you feel-

Believe it or not, your Home Builder will take advantage of your inexperience!  

Do you want to be in charge?

No doubt you have heard of the "Golden Rule"?  He who has the Gold, RULES.  Believe it or not, YOU have the Gold.  You have the MONEY!  This gives you Enormous POWER to get the Quality You Deserve!  Few homebuyers use this power, and are blindly lead down the path of ignorance,  being frustrated all the way!  Don't be mislead!  With this Home Buyer's Inspection Manual, you will have the key that will unlock the "Secrets of  Home Building".


Isn't it worth to have a home you will be proud of?

This manual will enable you to have a very important advantage over your Home Builder!

It's Knowledge!

This manual will help you get more from the builder. Don't "assume" the builder will give you the "Quality" you deserve! With this manual, you will be armed with a resource that will insure you "get what you're paying for"!

This Home Inspection Manual shows how a home Should Be Built in Easy, Step-by-Step Format! Take Charge NOW!!

YOU must take control if you want a Quality Home!

In addition, you will become more knowledgeable about the home building process and, subsequently, more successful in dealing with your home builder.

Over 90 pages of Quality Check lists, Construction Time lines, City Inspection Check lists and Much More!

Included in this Home Buyer's Inspection Manual:

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Isn't it worth to have a home you will be proud of?

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To order this Complete Home Inspection Manual  

For only $20.00 more,  You can purchase the Complete "Home Building Manual".  It's extremely detailed in how a home should be built.  Over 250 pages!  It has everything the Home Buyer's Inspection Manual has, but more!!  It's loaded with contractor job scopes and punchlists, labor and material budgets, and so much more!

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