To: homemanual@aol.com

Spent all last evening reading, re-reading, and consuming the best book on home building. After countless trips to the local library looking for a book to help with our retirement home building project, I always came away from the library feeling there was a better publication to help me. The answer was on the internet and your book. It is the ultimate guide.

My wife had no problem understanding the book and how it will relate to our project. Thanks, "The Book" is just what we needed.

John and Joan , Millington, TN.

From: MrRussian

To: HomeManual

Just a note to tell you of my satisfaction with the Home Building Manual.

We have not yet broken ground and I feel that I have already saved more than the price of the manual. One good way to save money is to not make the kind of mistakes that cost money. So far I have followed the guidelines that apply to my case, which is a turnkey contract, and I have saved not only money but the grief that goes with making mistakes in the planning stages.

I am happy that I located you on the web.

Joe W. Rush

From:  mushball@xxxxxx.com (Diane)

Hi Frank!

We just purchased your book, and I must tell you I am impressed with how organized and thorough it is. Our architect is going to buy one, too!  :-)

From: jjdisibio@xxxxxx (Jennifer)

Frank, thanks for getting the manual to us so quickly. We are looking forward to using it in the near future. It is very complete and helpful.

From: DAVISJH@xxxxxxx (John)

Looks like it's just what I wanted.... much different than anything I found in the bookstore, library, or Amazon.com.

From: Dis368@xxxxxxx

Frank, This manual is going to be a great deal of help to me.

From: hugobryanporter@xxxxxx.com

(Although we just received the manual ) Already the info has helped in our communicating with our builder.



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